Perhaps there is no man in the world who would never have had a sore throat. Tonsillitis - as inflammation of the tonsils is called in medicine, may be acute (angina) or chronic. They talk about chronic tonsillitis if angina is repeated two or more times a year. This disease is not harmless because it can lead to decreased immunity, susceptibility to frequent colds, opportunities to develop life-threatening complications that are manifested by diseases of heart, joints, kidneys. So how can we help our tonsils?

Tonsilotren® - German natural product, which has been already helping the tonsils in case of angina and chronic tonsillitis for more than 75 years: reduces inflammation, swelling and pain, restores the protective function of the tonsils, reduces the volume of hypertrophic (enlarged) tonsils, promotes rehabilitation (purification) of lacunae of tonsils from caseous detritus (stoppers), relieves swelling and inflammation of the lymph nodes, contributes to the normalization of the immune system of the whole body, accelerates the healing of damaged tissues and prevents repeated angina.    

Effective and well tolerated nature of Tonsilotren® have been confirmed by numerous clinical studies, in which the following was noted:

  • after three 60-day courses every 4 months during the 2-year follow-up, the frequency and duration of exacerbations of chronic tonsillitis decreased in 66.7% of children, angina cases were not registered, normalized indicators of secretory immunoglobulin A, which led to positive changes of oropharynx immunity1;
  • angina frequency decreased in 2.5 times2;
  • during Tonsilotren administration total score of local signs of chronic tonsillitis significantly reduced (by more than 3 times)3.

The drug can be used both for the treatment of angina, and for the prevention of exacerbations of chronic tonsillitis. There is a positive experience of using Tonsilotren® in treatment of children with adenoiditis4.

Adenoiditis – inflammation of a larger nasopharyngeal tonsil, which is accompanied by increased production of viscous mucus and swelling of the mucous membrane of the nose and throat and makes nasal breathing difficult. Adenoids, along with other tonsils form the so-called pharyngeal lymphoid tissue ring, a kind of outpost of the immune system, which task is to find pathogens and protect our body from them. In case of adenoiditis it is first of all necessary to remove the tonsils inflammation and swelling of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx to restore nasal breathing, make a thick mucus thinner and help it to leave the nose. In this case, Tonsilotren® will be useful in a duet with Cinnabsin®.

Dosage regimen of Tonsilotren®

Acute tonsillitis (angina)5


First 1-2 days of disease

Till complete recovery

Children from 1 to 12 years

1 tablet each 2 hours (not more than 8 times a day)

1 tablet 3 times a day

Children from 12 years and adults

1-2 tablets each hour (not more than 12 times a day)

1-2 tablets 3 times a day

Chronic tonsillitis1

Tonsilotren® – 1 tablet 3 times a day for 60 successive days.
Conduct 3 courses every 4 months.































 - Month



 - Course of Tonsilotren®



 - Interval between the courses


Enlarged tonsils, state after tonsillectomy5
Tonsilotren® – 1 tablet 3 times a day.

Course: from 2 weeks to 2 months (under doctor’s indications).

Tonsilotren® + Cinnabsin®  = “Medically induced adenotomy”

Course: Cinnabsin® administration - at least 4 weeks, Tonsilotren® - up to 8 weeks.

Application: lozenges, take half an hour before meals or half an hour after a meal. It is recommended to dissolve the tablet in a small amount of water for children up to 3 years old.

In the case of inflammation of the tonsils most important thing is to pass the necessary course of treatment. Tonsilotren® has a convenient dosage form for administration - lozenges and can be used by both adults and children from 1 year.

Find more about Tonsilotren® at:

Tonsilotren® – during angina and chronic tonsillitis

Tonsilotren® tablets: manufacturer DHU Arzneimittel GmbH & Co. KG (Germany).

* Advertising of a medicinal product. Read the instructions and consult a physician before use. Keep out of the reach of children.

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Self-treatment may be harmful to Your health

DHU     R02A X02

Baseline angina and chronic tonsillitis therapy

Formulation: pills, No. 60, 3 blisters 20 pills each

Atropinum sulfuricum D5 12,5 mg
Hepar sulfuris D3 10 mg
Kalium bichromicum D4 50 mg
Silicea D2 5 mg
Mercurius bijodatus D8 25 mg

Other ingredients: Lactose monohydrate, sucrose, magnesium stearate.

Pharmacotherapeutic group: Complex homeopathic medication. ATC code: R02A X02.

Acute tonsil inflammation, catarrhal and lacunar tonsillitis, chronic and chronically recurring tonsillar angina, tonsil enlargement (hyperplasia) as well as symptomatic treatment after removal of tonsils in children and adults.

The medication shall not be used in cases of hypersensitivity to chromium and other its components. In case of a thyroid gland disease (hyperthyrosis), the medication shall be used on doctor’s order only.

Overdosage: No overdosage level has been determined.

Adverse effects: Intaking the medication may cause high salivation. In such a case, the dosage shall be reduced or the medication intake terminated. In case of any allergic skin reactions like skin reddening or skin rash, the medication administration shall be terminated. In rare cases, pain in epigastrium and nausea are possible.

Interactions: No interactions have been determined. According to clinical trial data, Tonsilotren® may be used successfully in complex therapy6.

Storage requirements: To be kept at up to 25°C, inaccessible for children.

Shelf life: 5 years.

Sell condition: over the counter.

In Germany since 1936 Tonsilotren

Combination of five homeopathic monocomponents stimulates protection mechanisms of an organism in situations of vial and bacterial gullet infections at various inflammation stages.

Pharmacological properties of Tonsilotren® are based on homeopathic characteristic of its pharmacologically active ingredients 1,2:

Atropinum sulfuricum
Is active at early disease staged. It removes inflammation and tonsil parechyma oedema, eliminates throat main when swallowing and erythema, shows antifever effect.

Hepar sulfuris
Is efficient in treatment of subacute, chronic, and recurring inflammations of lymphadenoid ring of pharynx, with suppurations and abscesses. These also include Angina tonsillaris et lacunaris and Tonsillitis chronica. Hepar sulfuris relieves inflammation and oedema of tonsil parenchyma, quickens lacuna sanation, and promotes quick recovering.

Kalium bichromicum                                                                                                                   
Removes oedema and inflammation of epipharynx mucous  membrane, burning and irritation feelings, shows positive effect on enlarged tonsils.

Mercurius bijodatus                                                                                                                     
Reduces size of hypertrophic tonsils, removes oedema and inflammation of lymph nodes, pharyngeal lymphoid tissue ring tonsils, enhances lymphatic drainage. Mercurius bijodatus is used for treatment of acute and chronic tonsillitis manifesting itself with light yellow impactions and deposits. Administration of this component in case of chronic processes results, in 6 weeks, in considerable reduce in size of pharyngeal and palatine tonsils as well as enlarged cervical glands.

Immunomodulatory effect in acute and chronic cases. It promotes granulation formation and, respectively, fast healing. Silicea shows good effect in cases of purulent inflammations and accelerates recovery. Silicea enhances resistivity of an organism and reduces risk of relapse.    

Thus, Tonsilotren® is a baseline medication for treatment of angina and chronic tonsillitis; it shows systemic antiinflammatory, lymphotropic, immunomodulatory, and reparative effects 4,7,8,9. Tonsilotren® is used for treatment tonsil inflammation of lymphadenoid ring of pharynx like, for example, in case o acute or chronic tonsillitis, as well as after surgical removal of tonsils. Tonsilotren appeared to be good also in treatment of pharyngeal tonsil hyperplasia, especially in children3. Tonsilotren® is efficient in treatment of inflammation phases, from the very first patient’s complaint and till recovery of chronically recurring processes resulting from different in time and areas effects of five its ingredients.

Tonsilotren® removes inflammation and pain7, restores tonsil protective function and indicators of general immunity8, shows repair effect4.

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In case of acute diseases:

For children aged from 6 to 12 years: for the initial 1 or 2 days, 1 pill every 2 hours till enhancement (up to 8 times a day); then 1 pill  3 times a day till complete recovery. If no complete recovery occurs in 8 days of the treatment or in case of new symptoms appearance, the patient shall be sure to consult a doctor.

For adults and children aged over 12: 1 or 2 pills every hour for 1 or 2 days (up to 12 times a day) till enhancement occurrence; then 1 or 2 pills 3 times a day till complete recovery. If no complete recovery occurs in 7 days of the treatment or in case of new symptoms appearance, the patient shall be sure to consult a doctor.

In case of chronically recurring angina or enlargement of pharyngeal tonsils:

  • for children aged 1 to 12 years: 1 pill 3 times a day;
  • for children aged over 12 years and adults: 1 or 2 pills 3 times a day.

The pills shall be intaken 30 min. prior to or after taking food, by sucking them slowly in one’s mouth. For treatment of children aged up to 3 years, it is recommended to dissolve the pill in small amount of water.

The treatment course shall last 6 to 8 weeks. In case of chronically recurring angina, repeated treatment courses are required (several courses annually, 6 to 8 weeks each).

Proper safety measures when using the medication:

Use of homeopathic medications may cause initial, temporary worsening of the patient’s state. In such a case, the patient shall terminate the medication intake and consult a doctor.

The medication contains sucrose, which shall be taken into consideration when prescribing it to patients with diabetes mellitus.

The medication contains lactose, so it shall not be used for treatment of patients with rare hereditary forms of intolerance to galactose, lactose insufficiency, or syndrome of glucose-galactose malabsorption.

Special warnings:

Intaking in a period of pregnancy or lactation: Tonsilotren® may be intaken in a period of pregnancy or lactation only after thorough assessment, by a doctor, of the proportion: advantage for the mother/risk for the fetus (child).

Effecting  reaction rate when driving a vehicle or working with other mechanisms: No effect.

Children: The medication shall be administered to children aged over 1 year.


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